In Dolphin Class we are just like the creatures we are named after- friendly, talkative and intelligent. We learn with our teachers Mrs Jenkins (Monday, Wednesday morning and Friday) and Mrs Gregory (Tuesday and Thursday). 

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Woodhams who helps to make us a great school of dolphins! We love learning and always aim to be the best we can be.

We have PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. We do reading every day and can change our books whenever we need to. On Friday afternoons we enjoy Discovery Time and throughout the year we go on lots of trips and have exciting learning experiences.


Year 2 

Please take a look at our Curriculum Evening Presentation.

Year 2 

English and Maths November workshop

Year 2 

Writing Support


Jungle Roadshow

Y2 had a great day when Jonathan brought his “jungle roadshow” to school.

We met 7 different animals and learnt lots and lots of facts about them.  We even got to hold Tango the milk snake.


Please read our recounts to find out more about what we learnt and how we felt about it.


Take a video tour…

Tour of Dolphin Class

Take a video tour…

Tour of Leopard Class

Meet some of the Year 2 Staff

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Meet Miss Norman Leopard Class Teacher


Meet Mrs Gregory Dolphin Class Teacher


Meet Mrs Jenkins Dolphin Class Teacher

Miss Norman reads Billy and the Dragon

Miss Norman reads Ocean Meets Sky

Mrs Jenkins reads Shh Don’t Wake the Royal Baby

Mrs Jenkins reads The Bear who Stared

Mrs Gregory reads Douglas the Dolphin

Mrs Gregory reads Room on the Broom

Mrs Harris reads Superworm

Mrs Harris reads Rainbow Fish

Coming soon…