In Dolphin Class we are just like the creatures we are named after- friendly, talkative and intelligent. We learn with our teachers Mrs Harris (Monday, Wednesday morning and Friday) and Mrs Gregory (Tuesday and Thursday). On a Wednesday afternoon our teachers have their PPA time and we are taught by Mrs Jenkins our HLTA and our sports coach.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Woodhams and Mrs Hague. Mrs Pearce and Ms Fletcher may also pop in now and again too, making us a great school of dolphins! We love learning and always aim to be the best we can be.

We have PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. We do reading every day and can change our books whenever we need to. We will also continue to learn the recorder (Monday) and may even show you our musical prowess at end of the year!



On Monday 19th November, Year 2 had a marvellous visit from Zoolab, a taking care of animals company. Once everyone had sat down sensibly and quietly we listened to a ginger haired man called Dan who gave us a lecture about the Five Freedoms. These were food, shelter, health, natural behaviours and freedom from fear. After that Dan let us look, touch and if we were feeling brave enough hold a snake called Mystique. Next we held a cute mouse called Ali. Finally we saw a huge hairy orange and black tarantula. WE didn’t get to hold that one but it was cool! How amazing it was!. Would you like to have seen one of the animals?


You can see from the displays in our classrooms the variety of topics we cover. As the year progresses, the displays change. By July, you will be able to see the whole range of subjects we have covered. Our Working walls help us learn – the content builds as the term progresses.

You are welcome to come in and meet us all and see the lovely work that we do!