Food and Drink

School Meals

The Government provides a free hot school lunch for every child in our school. The meals are cooked in the Junior School and brought onto our site at lunchtime. The menus are set by the Local Authority and are nutritionally balanced over the week. We strongly advise parent to take up the offer of a hot meal for their child as research has shown that it supports children’s concentration in the afternoon session.

Every day unless otherwise specified, your child has the option of having jacket potato for their lunch meal. We ask that this is ordered a week in advance to save food wastage. If you would like to order your child a jacket potato please email the school office by 2pm on a Friday for orders the following week (
If it a regular day of the week i.e every Friday then please email with this information once and we will keep a note to continue until further notice.


Parents and carers can now apply for free school meals online via the Citizen Portal, using the link below. Your eligibility will be checked online, and the portal will let you know whether your child is eligible for free school meals. If your child is eligible you will receive a confirmation message, and the school will be notified directly. If you are not eligible you will be presented with a message stating this.

Please note, if you have already completed a primary or secondary school place application for the 2017/18 academic year via the portal, you do not need to re‑register when applying for free school meals. Please use the login details that you have already set up.

Apply for free school meals online


School Milk

You may order milk (in one third pint cartons daily) for your child.  Parents deal directly with the School Milk Service (01934 510950) if they want their child to have milk. For Foundation Stage children milk is free until they reach their fifth birthday, when the full balance for the remainder of the term immediately becomes payable if you want your child to continue to receive school milk.

For those who do not wish to receive school milk, water is available throughout the day and at lunchtime.

Healthy School

We are proud to be a ‘Healthy School’ and have held the accreditation for a number of years. We endeavour to ensure that the snacks children bring to school for morning break are healthy. We advise parents to send a piece of fruit, whole or sliced, some cubes of cheese or plain crackers for their child’s morning snack. Please be aware of the healthy snacks that are full of sugars!

The Government provide a piece of fruit for every child in the school and the children are offered this in the afternoons.

Water is the only drink, other than their afternoon milk, that the children are permitted to drink throughout the day. Children are asked to bring a water bottle to school each day and are encouraged to drink as much as they need. They have free access to their water bottles throughout the day hence the need to drink only water.