Vision and Values

​Our Vision

This is what we are aiming for for all our children

At Bromley Heath Infant School we keep children at the centre of everything we do; striving to provide inspirational teaching and provision which challenges and nurtures all of our children in their small steps, big strides, exciting journey.

Our Mission

This is what we want all children to do as learners

‘To be the best we can be’

Our Values

These are the eight key values and attitudes that underpin our vision and mission statement

  • Try new things– If you never try, you’ll never know.
  • Work well– It’s not luck or looks that make you successful, it’s all about the effort.
  • Concentrate– Learn to focus, tune out distractions and be mindful.
  • Challenge yourself– Fight your fears and learn to push past doubts.
  • Imagine– Have ideas and don’t be scared of being wrong.
  • Improve– Keep advancing, bit by bit. Success never comes in one giant step.
  • Understand others– Learn to listen, listen to learn about others.
  • Keep on going– Sir Winston Churchill said ‘Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’