Children’s Involvement

We encourage our young learners to take on responsibilities around the school and are very pleased with the commitment they show towards their roles. We have monitors who look after particular aspects of the school life including fruit and music monitors.

Our Eco Warriors help everyone at Bromley Heath look after our school, and the world, by showing them how to save energy, recycle things and look after our school grounds. Children apply to join this group.

We also have a school council who are voted in by their classmates. The school councillors help run the school and are involved in organising events, staff recruitment and making our school community even better. They meet regularly and bring ideas from the rest of the school. Our Foundation Stage children attend meetings during the summer term.

School Council

Our School Councillors are…

Penguin Class: Joe and Evelyn

Lion Class: Connor and Rose

Dolphin Class: Jack, Eloise, Eddie and Megan

Leopard Class: Gursevak, Ellie, Corey and Amelie

Eco Warriors

At Bromley Heath Infant School we have a team of ECO WARRIORS.
They help everyone in the school look after our school and the world by showing them how to save energy, look after our school grounds and recycle things.

Our Eco Warriors Team are…

Year 1:

Year 2: Isabelle, Joseph, Martha, Dexter, Lily-Beth, Amelie and Ella