Assessment and Reporting

Teacher assessment is an ongoing and important part of the teaching sequence at Bromley Heath Infant School. It is used to inform teachers of the next steps in a child’s learning and enables them to plan individualised work at an appropriate level. Assessments are also used to track progress over the year and support early identification of any particular areas where more focus, practice and support may be required.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) the children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals using the EYFS Profile. The children’s independent learning is observed and recorded in their learning diaries. The children are assessed throughout the year and the assessments are analysed on entry, midterm and at the end of the foundation stage; these are used to focus support and planning in the foundation stage.

Alongside teacher assessments, children in Y1 and Y2 are also assessed formally using summative assessment s.

Children in Y1 undertake a phonic screening check to assess their ability to decode words and non words phonetically. The results are reported to parents with their annual report at the end of the year.

Children in Y2 take national SATs tests in reading, writing and mathematics. These are used to support the teacher’s assessment and are reported to the Department of Education and parents at the end of the year with their annual report.

A written report is produced annually and summarises the progress your child has made over the year. Parents also have the opportunity to meet with their child’s teacher three times per year to discuss their child’s progress and report.  We always strive to work in partnership with parents and you are welcome to come in at other times to discuss their child’s progress. Should you wish to do this please contact the school office to make a convenient appointment.


EYFS: % of children who achieved a good level of development

Early Years Foundation (EYFS) Reception   2019
  Bromley Heath Infants National Average
% of children reaching a good level of development 79.7% 71.8%


Year 1 Phonic Screening:

% of children who are working at the required standard in phonics.

Year 1 Phonics Check  2019
  Bromley Heath Infants National Average

% of children passing


95% 82%


Y2 Teacher Assessment

% of children who met or exceeded the new higher standards.

Key Stage 1 Data 2019
  Bromley Heath Infants National Average

Reading % meeting the national standard or above


92% 75%

Reading % working at greater depth


57 % 26%

Writing % meeting the national standard or above


85% 69%

Writing % working at greater depth


33% 15%

Maths % meeting the national standard


92% 76%

Maths % working at greater depth


45% 22%

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