Online Safety

Keep your child safe online!

Our children are growing up in a world of massive change. They will use digital technologies in ways that we could only have dreamed of when we were at school.

At Bromley Heath Infant School we are committed to keeping our children safe when they are online. Online Safety lessons are taught from the start and each child now has their own username and password to log on to the school network.

Download and Print a Handy Guide of e-Safety websites 

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Pokemon Go

Here is some useful information from NSPCC and UK safer Internet Centre regarding Pokemon Go and some advice for parents.




Please read ‘Our Rules for staying safe on the Internet‘ – Pupil Internet Safety Rules

Please help your child at home by monitoring your child’s use of ICT and by talking about ways in which they can use technology both safely and responsibly at all times.

Here are some simple e-safety guidelines for you to consider at home.

  • Set out clear rules for when and how long your child can go online.
  • Make sure that your computer is in a family room where you can see and be involved with what your child is doing.
  • Talk to your child about their Internet use. It can be a valuable learning resource as well as a source of entertainment!
  • Make sure that the content of the websites that your child is visiting is age appropriate. They should only visit sites that you approve of. Bookmarking these in ‘favourites’ makes them easy to access.
  • Teach your child the meaning of ‘personal information’ so that they understand the importance of keeping their details safe. Their username and password is personal and private!
  • If possible, use an Internet Service Provider that enables you to set up your computer for younger users.
  • Try to make your child aware of the threat caused by opening files and email attachments from unknown senders.
  • Make it safe for your child to come to you if they click on something that they feel uncomfortable with.

If you wish to read our School E-Safety Policy, please click here.

Vodaphone Digital Parenting Checklists

Vodaphone produce some useful checklists for parents of different aged children to support them with addressing online safety issues. As we are coming up to Christmas and young people may well be receiving technology as presents we thought it might be useful to circulate these.

Under 5 checklist

  • START setting some boundaries now – it’s never too early to do things like set limits for the amount of time they can spend on the computer
  • KEEP devices like your mobile out of reach and make sure you have passwords/PINs set up on them for the times you might lend them to your child… or for when they simply get hold of them themselves!
  • CHECK the age ratings and descriptions on apps, games, online TV and films before downloading them and allowing your child to play with or watch them
  • EXPLAIN your technology rules to grandparents, babysitters and parents of your child’s friends so that they stick to them when they’re looking after your child
  • REMEMBER that public Wi-Fi (e.g. in cafés) might not have Parental Controls on it – so, if you hand over your iPad to your child while you’re having a coffee, they might be able to access more than you bargained for
  • SET the homepage on your family computer or tablet to an appropriate website like Cbeebies

Age 6-9 Checklist

  • CREATE a user account for your child on the family computer with appropriate settings and make the most of Parental Controls and tools like Google SafeSearch
  • AGREE a list of websites they’re allowed to visit and the kind of personal information they shouldn’t reveal about themselves online (like the name of their school or their home address)
  • DECIDE time limits for things like using the internet and playing on games consoles
  • BEAR in mind what older siblings might be showing them on the internet, mobiles, games consoles and other devices and agree some rules as a whole family
  • TALK to other parents about their views on things like what age to buy kids a mobile and don’t be pressured by your child into letting them use certain technologies if you don’t think they’re old enough or mature enough… no matter how much they pester you
  • FAMILIARISE yourself with age ratings and descriptions on games, and apps etc, so that you can be sure your child is only accessing age-appropriate content

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