We believe that good attendance and punctuality patterns are essential if a child is to achieve well in school and set good habits for the future. We are very proud our attendance record. To help us maintain this very high standard, we ask parents to support us by encouraging good attendance and punctuality patterns from the very beginning of their child’s school life.

If your child is absent from school we ask parents to contact the school and leave a message on the school answerphone before 9.00am, if the school is not contacted the absence may be marked as unauthorised.

Term Time Absence

Download: Absence Request Form 2020-2021

The Government has made an amendment to the 2006 regulations on term time absence. Schools are now prohibited from authorising any leave in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you need to apply for exceptional leave you will must write and ask for permission from the headteacher. Your letter should include the dates your child will be absent from school and the exceptional circumstances.

At Bromley Heath we aim to work in partnership with parents and we know that there are sometimes exceptional circumstances which mean absence may be required during term time. Please make an appointment to speak to your child’s Headteacher if you have any concerns.

Headteachers will consider a number of things alongside the reasons you highlight in your letter before granting exceptional leave of absence, including.

  • How much education has your child already missed through illness or arriving late?
  • What learning will your child miss at school?
  • Your child’s level of attainment.

Please download and read our Attendance leaflet 2016-17

The leaflet gives you all you need to now about our attendance expectations and information about the length of the school day.