Home/School Guidelines

The Local Education Authority has a duty to provide an education for children of school age in the County, but a child’s education starts in the home and is continued as a partnership between home and school.

So that this partnership will give every child the best possible chance of success, the partners should be clear about what each can reasonably expect of the others.  The Authority expects them to co-operate fully and to accept the responsibilities set out in these guidelines.

Responsibilities of the School

  1. to develop each individual pupil’s talents as fully as possible;
  2. to teach effectively and to set the highest standards in work and behaviour;
  3. to care for each child when at school as a good parent of a large family;
  4. to help pupils to leave school able and anxious to make the best possible contribution to the community at large;
  5. to encourage regular communication with parents as a basis for close co-operation between home and school.

Responsibilities of Parents

  1. to show by their own example that they support the school in setting the highest standards in all it tries to do;
  2. to make sure that their children come to school regularly, on time, refreshed, alert, correctly dressed and ready to work;
  3. to take an active and supportive interest in their children’s work and progress;
  4. to support the authority and discipline of the school, helping their children to achieve maturity, self-discipline and self control;
  5. to control the development of their children’s use of leisure time activities and entertainments.

Responsibilities of Pupils

  1. to attend school regularly, on time, ready to learn and take part in school activities;
  2. to aim at the highest standards in all aspects of school life;
  3. to co-operate with the staff and to accept the authority and rules of conduct of the school;
  4. to consider and respect the feelings and property of other people both in school and in the wider community;
  5. to care for the grounds, buildings, furniture, equipment and books provided for the school.

All schools have produced a written ‘home-school agreement’ which you will be asked to sign to show that you understand and accept it.  This will be sent to you soon after your child starts school.