In Lion class we are courageous and determined, we work well together support each member of our pride! Ms Inwood is the Lion class teacher all week Monday-Friday. Our lovely teaching assistants are Mrs Grieve and Mrs Christofides,  

Lion P.E. days are Tuesday and Thursday and we wear our PE kits to school on these days. 

We change are reading books every Friday.  

We have lots of exciting and creative things planned for Year 1, so keep an eye out for the curriculum updates on the Curriculum Maps section of the school website, where we will load the overview of the termly plans. 

Ms Fletcher (the SEND coordinator) and Mrs Pearce and will also be leading intervention groups in Year 1 for children who need additional support for whatever reason. You will be informed if your child is involved in interventions. 

Word Mat

Year 1 Word Mat

Example of year one phonics screening

Phonics screening

Exception Words

Reading yr 1 exception words

Topic Plans

2021-22 Y1 T1 Where am I

Year 1 Writing Support

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Tour of Lion Class

Take a video tour…

Tour of Penguin Class