Trips and Visitors

On Tuesday 6th November Year One enjoyed bonfire making and toasting marshmallows as part of our WOW! to introduce our new topic “Lets Celebrate!” and our key text Stick Man! Everyone enjoyed collecting the firewood and whittling the sticks ready to put their marshmallows on to toast!

At the beginning of term, Year 1 launched the topic of “Where am I? ” by having a walk around  the locality of Bromley Heath. The children enjoyed spotting features of physical and human geography and also their own homes and familiar places!

Back in time to 1960

Today we had a very exciting assembly because Mrs Athay Hunt took us back in time to 1960. We also met Mrs Evans, the first Headteacher of our school who told us all about what school was like almost 60 years ago. Lots of things have changed!

After the assembly we all went for a very long walk around our local area trying to spot features which might give us clues about what Bromley Heath was like long before we were born”

Explorers Trip to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

We had a lovely time at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. We met some Giraffes and Zebras and had to hang on tight during our bumpy tractor ride!