Starting School September 2021

During these difficult times we have put together a number of different ways for you to find out about our school. We hope this will give you information about the ethos of our school, our values and help you decide if we are a good match for your child and their needs. You can select as many of the different options as you would like and always have the option to contact the school with any specific questions.

​Mrs Harris welcomes you to Bromley Heath infant School

Frequently Asked Questions

How many places do you offer ?

We have 2  Reception classes with 30 children in each class. We offer 60 places.

How  many adults are there in each class?

We have a full time and two job share teachers working in our  two Reception classes alongside a full time Higher level teaching assistant and a part time teaching assistant.

Is there any wrap around care provision?

We offer a breakfast and tea club called Koala Club in the school hall for our pupils. The club is run by our experienced staff , many of whom work as lunch break supervisors in our school. It opens from 7:45 am with a option for breakfast.The staff then take the children to the classroom for the start of school. Tea Club starts at 3:15pm with the children being collected from the classrooms again by the staff. The club is open until 6 pm with a light tea offered.

How large is your catchment area?

Over the last 5 years our catchment area has been less than a mile.

Virtual tour 

Start the video to have a virtual tour of the school, during a school day, hosted by Mrs Harris.

Virtual Meet the EYFS Team

Click here to short meet the EYFS team and detailed tour of the school.

Meet Miss Blackburn – Zebra Base Teacher

Meet Mrs Warren – Giraffe Base Teacher

Meet Ms Fletcher – Giraffe Base Teacher

Meet Mrs Bettesworth – Teaching Assistant

Meet Mrs Larraway – Teaching Assistant

Tour of Zebra Base

Tour of Giraffe Base

Miss Blackburn reads The Lion Inside

Miss Blackburn reads Cake

Ms Fletcher reads In Wibbly’s Garden

Ms Fletcher reads Newton

Mrs Warren reads A Squash and a Squeeze

Mrs Warren reads Bringing Down The Moon

Mrs Harris reads Superworm

Mrs Harris reads Rainbow Fish