Science Week 2020

This year’s focus for Science Week was about how we can help our world. Children in each year group talked about recycling and why this is important.

The Explorer Dome came to school and each class took part in workshops about the different environments in our world and why it is important to protect them.

Pupils were invited to take part in a competition with their parents to design and make their own machines that would help our planet. We were blown away by their fantastic ideas and so impressed with the effort that all the competitors put into their creations.

Some of the ideas were:

  • A camouflaged flying machine that would collect rubbish from eagles’ nests
  • A house with lots of eco-friendly initiatives, e.g. solar panels, an allotment, a wind turbine
  • Seed dispensers and machines that would plant trees
  • Recycling cars and robots
  • A robot that would remind children to turn off their bedroom light when they leave their room
  • Camouflage sea machines to help remove litter from the ocean without frightening the wildlife
  • A machine that would fix broken things