Parent Council

Our parent council plays an important role within the school. It provides the school with opportunities for the school to canvas the views of parents regarding changes it would like to make or decsions to be made. It also builds on our already popular parent coffee meeting where parents can discuss any issue they wish within an open forum.

The council consists of 1 or 2 parent representatives from each class. They nominate themselves at the beginning of the year and are voted in if there are more than 2 nominees.

They meet with the headteacher once per month to discuss parent views and ideas. These ideas feed into our termly parent coffee meetings and provide an extra level of communication and an opportunity for the school to hear the views of the parent body.

Our parent councillors for 2015-2016 are….

Giraffe Anna Martin
Zebra Pauline Berndes
Penguin Sara Say
Lion Mark Harbidge
Dolphin Laura Green
Leopard Rachael Down Kath Billington

Parent Council Meeting Dates

Term 1 Tues 15th September 2015 –  2.30pm
Term 2 Thurs 16th November 2015 – 2.30pm
Term 3 Fri 22nd January   2016 –       2.30pm
Term 4 Mon 7th March      2016 –    2.30pm
Term 5 Tues 26th April     2016-       2.30pm
Term 6 Mon 20th June     2016 –    2.30pm