Curriculum 2014

In September 2014 a new primary, national curriculum was introduced. So what does this mean for the children at Bromley Heath Infants?

  • The main aim is to raise standards across the curriculum and expectations in Mathematics and English have been raised. However, we always have and will continue to have high expectations of all children and our teaching reflects this, so this will not impact on our school.
  • The new curriculum will focus on essential core subject knowledge. As a school, we will deliver this through key questions and skills to ensure that children experience a breadth of knowledge to develop a secure understanding of subject content.

This is a real opportunity for the children and by developing a problem centred curriculum the children will have the chance to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills effectively – the problem centred curriculum is inherently engaging and authentic because the children have a real purpose to their inquiry – they solve the problem.
As a staff, we have worked alongside the junior school teachers to ensure clear progression from EYFS through KS1 and into KS2 by developing progressive skills ladders to ensure continuity across the 2 schools.

What are the main changes?

Literacy & Numeracy – Will now be called ‘English’ and ‘Mathematics.’  Raised expectations with some content previously taught in Y2 now being taught in Y1.

Science – Relatively unchanged but some introduction of new content within life processes for example, seasonal changes and weather in Y1 and simple food chains in Y2.

ICT – Will now be called ‘Computing’ with a focus on programming e.g. roamer style sequences of instructions.

Geography – An increased focus on Geographical Knowledge, for example, being able to name and locate the worlds 7 continents and 5 oceans as well as naming and locating the 4 countries of the UK, along with capital cities and surrounding seas.

History – Mainly unchanged at KS1.

Music – A focus on experimentation with voice and tuned and untuned instruments.

Art and Design – A focus on mastering techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture.

Design and Technology – An increased focus on cookery across each year group.

PE – Relatively unchanged but some focus on mastering basic skills and playing in team games.

RE – Although RE does not form part of the National Curriculum it remains statutory so BHIS will follow a locally agreed syllabus focusing on Christianity and another religion.

PSHE – Although not statutory the school will continue to follow the SEAL programme of study and include circle time within the curriculum.