Our School Vision and Aims
At Bromley Heath Infant School we develop a love of learning through our engaging, nurturing and aspirational provision. We foster independence, respect and appreciation of our world.

Our Aims...

At Bromley Heath Infant School, the creative aspirational ethos aims to prepare the children to be successful caring members of the community. Alongside this, we work to develop the core values of independence, respect, confidence, perseverance and pride. These underpin all we do in inspiring the children ‘to be the best they can be’ now and in the future.

We endeavour to provide a safe, secure, stimulating and supportive atmosphere in which each child is valued. By valuing each individual we believe they will have increased opportunities to be healthy, safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being in their future lives.
  • Grammar Workshop Quotes

    Really helpful. Thank you. – Parent of Lion class pupil

    Really helpful, thank you. Love how enthusiastic and lovely Miss Norman is J. Parent of pupil in Leopard class

    I found this extremely helpful. I think the glossary will be so helpful for both parents and children. – Parent of children in Leopard Class

    Thank you.  That was so useful. I realise I should’ve known a lot of this but found it very informative – good length too.  Parent of child in Lion class.

    Was very handy! Thank you! Parent of child in Leopard class

    Really useful workshop. I’m glad to have the examples of games to play whilst reading.  Thank you. Parent of child in Leopard class.

    Very informative.  Good level of information for us to help at home.  Thank you. Unknown parent.

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