Bromley Heath Infant School, Downend, Bristol
Bromley Heath Infant School, Downend, Bristol

The Children, Staff and Governors extend a warm welcome to you and your family. Your child is about to start a very important journey - three years of Infant School life. We hope that they will be happy and satisfying years, which will bring personal and collective rewards to your child.

Our aim is to help your child to reach his or her full potential, academically and socially, during his or her time here.

We hope that your child will find our school to be a supportive and stimulating place of learning with many opportunities to grow in confidence and develop high self-esteem and pride in his/her achievements.

We are starting out in an important partnership in the education of your child. We welcome your involvement and look forward to a worthwhile and happy partnership with you and your family when your child comes to Bromley Heath Infant School.

Little steps, Big strides, Exciting journey.

Our school family believes in making a difference. Together, we nurture the whole child and provide a happy, secure and challenging learning environment.


The creative and aspirational ethos of BROMLEY HEATH
will prepare our children to be successful, caring members of the community.
Bromley Heath Infant School
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